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KZ Musik is the most complete and updated encyclopaedia record, containing the complete musical works (operatic and symphonic works, chamber music, instrumental music, piano music, Lieder and chorale music, cabaret, jazz, religious hymns, popular and traditional music, fragmentary works or works pieced together after the war) written between 1933 (year of the opening of the camps of Dachau and Börgermoor) and 1945 by musicians who were imprisoned, killed, and deported, as well as survivors from every concentration camp, and from any national, social and religious background. It is the result of the musicological work carried out by Italian pianist and musical director Francesco Lotoro. Each booklet of KZ Musik comes in three languages (Italian, English and German), and contains the profile of the camps, in which the works contained in the CD were written, the profile of their composers and their works, short critical notes and, in the case of vocal music, the lyrics in their original.
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